SWIMTHEISLAND Sirmione, do not miss it!

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SWIMTHEISLAND Sirmione, do not miss it!

Swimmers! TriO’Clock has became SWITHEISLAND Sirmione, thanks to twinning with SWIMTHEISLAND Bergeggi. Also this year you will have the chance to swim in a unique landscape, around the peninsula of Sirmione. On the 25th of June 2017 SWIMTHEISLAND Sirmione will take place, an open water swimming competition, which will include:

long course 3.2 Km

short course 1.8 km

Do not miss the chance to swim around a Villa Romana built two thousand years ago. Emotions will be many. Sign up now: http://swimtheisland.racemate.it

For more info: sswimtheisland.it