(Italiano) Raccolta fondi: Golfo dell’Isola – Save The Rescue


(Italiano) Raccolta fondi: Golfo dell’Isola – Save The Rescue

The Ligurian coast has been devastated by a violent storm that has devastated the beach and the settlements of L’Isola del Golfo. The Società Nazionale Salvamento and the Lega Navale Italiana Spotorno, which for years provide the safety to the swimmers during the international open water competition SWIMTHEISLAND, of which we are organizers, have lost everything: headquarter and boats and now they are busy removing the remaining debris. The first major expense they will have to face will therefore be to pay the waste disposal company and then build a headquarter that will protect the boats that will be purchased later. For this reason we decided to start this fundraising, to support the rebirth of these two associations that have always worked with professionalism and passion for the salvation of all.

The funds raised will help the the Società Nazionale Salvamento and the Lega Navale Italiana Spotorno to resume activities as soon as possible, with a new headquarters and the purchase of vehicles destroyed during the storm.

The community can make free donations (just click the big blue button “contribute”: there you can decide whether to choose the reward or not, in fact together with the donation you can choose to receive t-shirts, cups and towels of SWIMTHESILAND. All proceeds will be donated to the initiative (the cost of shipping abroad will be withheld to support the cost, for Italy are included)