Medical certificate

You need to know on the medical certificate

Medical certificate

If you sign up to the race Swimtheisland (over any distance, on Saturday or Sunday) and you’re affiliated with a swim club/federation or a triathlon club you can safely register as ATHLETE, quoting your membership number during registration on the website. If you are a foreign athlete, you should send to the organization a copy of your membership card to the email address: after your online registration.

If you are not affiliated with a sports club for swimming or triathlon you can join the race Swimtheisland (over any distance, on Saturday or Sunday), as AMATEUR.

In this case, once you have signed up, you must send a copy of your medical certificate to the organization, by email:
The organization will give you confirmation of the validity of your certificate.
Alternatively (although it is recommended the first option to facilitate operations at the race pack withdrawal) you can show a COPY of your medical certificate at the race secretary on the day of the event. The copy of your medical certificate will be reviewed and retained by the organization.

Download here the medical certificate request

The medical certificate must be valid for the day of the event (not expired for the days of the race).

MINORS: the minor participants who intend to distance 1.8km and 3.5km (within the age limits allowed by the regulation) must submit a written authorization signed by the parent. DOWNLOAD HERE the authorization and send it to